Foam cut

Path generation for saw-based foam cutters

Elements cutting in foam blocks by a ribbon saw

Minimizes material waste

Foam block cutting from bottom to top or conversely

Smooth exit/enter generation

Automatic operation mode

Straightforward use

  • Parameters configuration

    The first step is to configure parameters of Foam cut plugin depending on saw and elements characteristics to be cut.

  • Loading 2D file to be cut

    After loading a file to cut, Foam cut can automatically convert 2D files (DXF, HPGL) to NC paths prepared especially for ribbon saw. Special algorithm takes into account many saw parameters like its stiffness to avoid accidental break due to excessive torsion.

  • Start machine job

    Before starting the machine, Foam cut will automatically generate additional paths for safe entering and exiting the foam block, depending on the initial saw position.
    The cutting can now begin!

Technical information

Foam cut is a plugin for Windows based CNC control software: cncGraF, InfoCAM, NC-EAS(Y) Pro and others.
Supported input file types:
All 2D files (DXF, HPGL) supported by the environment.
The plugin is currently only available for Infotec CNC. To get more information, contact us.

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