Printing directly on elements to cut

Printing labels on a board for easy identification of later cut elements

Integration with industrial printer mounted on a CNC machine head

Automatic operation mode

30 days free trial

Low cost, full support

Straightforward use

  • Parameters configuration

    The first step is to configure parameters of the Labeler plugin, like communication method with industrial printer and setting a (PDF) file with labels and a (NC) file with their positions.

  • Sending PDF file to printer

    The chosen PDF file will be sent to printer using standard Windows printing mechanism. Until receiving the start signal from plugin, the printer won't start printing.

  • Start labeling process

    With just one click you can begin labeling process. The plugin will move the machine to consecutive positions read from NC file. At each position, Labeler will invoke label printing on the board and will wait until printing is complete before moving to the next position.

  • Machining of the labeled board

    After applying all the labels on the board, it'll get automatically pushed for further machining (cut elements). So in the end, each element will be labeled, therefore it can later be identified very easily.

Technical information

Blade path fix is a plugin for Windows based CNC control software: cncGraF, InfoCAM, NC-EAS(Y) Pro and others.
Supported input file types:
PDF file with consecutive labels to be printed and NC (G-codes) file with those labels positions. Can be customized to handle other file types or work mode.
Printer handling:
Any industrial printer that works under Windows, like PROMARK printers. Can be customized to handle other printers.
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