Barcode handling

Automatic loading proper files
based on readed the barcode.

Automatic loading proper file based on the readed barcode

Easy to use and configure

Support for any barcode scanner

30 days free trial

Low cost, full support

Straightforward use

  • Parameters configuration

    The first step is to configure parameters of the Barcode plugin: browse the folder which contains input files and other, minor settings.

  • Scan the code

    Scan the code using barcode scanner. The plugin will automatically pick-up the code and will search for a file with the same name as barcode value or based on any other strategy. If the file is found, then it will be automatically loaded.

  • Start machine job

    With just one click you can begin machining (cutting), optionally executing also video-based elements positioning using EasyMarker.

Technical information

Barcode is a plugin for Windows based CNC control software: cncGraF, InfoCAM, NC-EAS(Y) Pro and others.
Supported barcode scanners:
Any barcode scanner that’s recognized as a HID (keyboard) device. Integration with other barcode scanners is available.
Supported input file types:
All 2D and 3D files (NC, DXF, HPGL) supported by the environment.
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